How to support career education activities in primary schools? Here are the project results. 

They aim at equipping teachers with tools and skills to lead effective career education activities. 

Training material

Here is a handbook on early career learning as a theoretical and methodological reference for those interested in early career education.  Together with the Handbook, 5 training modules are available (slides, videos, written text). 

2 examples of activities

Career education and inclusion with 2 practical activities.   Slides – Text

Module 2. Designing a career education programme

Designing a career education programme. Slides – Text

Supporting material

Module 3. Undertaking Career Education programmes

Pedagogical techniques and gamification.  Text

Practical activity

Module 4.
Assessment of learning outcomes of a Career Learning programme

Pedagogical techniques and gamification. Slides – Text

3 practical activities

Module 5.
Creating a successful network

The importance of engageing employers and professionals in career-related activities. Slides Text

Practical activity


The PRIME kits are valuable educational resources to help schools promote career education reflections in their daily activities. This work is the results of a desk research and analysis of more than 100 career learning units. The resources below have been created to be easily used by teachers within the curricular activities. 


Each game is a digital trip to a work context. Each trip consists of an interactive video and a printable map. 

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