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PRIME is a project funded by the Erasmus plus KA2 programme. 

It aims at  promoting and improving career-related education in primary schools. 

tools and resources for early career-related learning




digital tools



the project outputs

Via a series of participatory actions and the involvement of schools, enterprises, researchers and career guidance experts, we are working to create:

A handbook on pedagogical models and methodological guidelines for early career-related learning.

Training materials for teachers and educators.

A set of learning units mapped to the school curriculum.

A set of educational career learning games for schools & communities.

get involved
in a focus group!

We are now organising several focus groups all around Europe to ask primary school teachers to share and reflect on: 

– what each school does to connect and value the school curriculum to the outside world. 

– how to involve representatives from the world of work in the school activities. 

– how to improve bridges between schools and the community. 

– which are the main career stereotypes to be contrasted in early career learning activities. 

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Follow the project results on the new social media accounts which will be launched at the end of June!